Innovating Creations

Innovating Creations is a rapid startup accelerator focused on helping Research Triangle Park-based startups build a solid foundation for business success. Founded by Josh Hines, Innovating Creations will provide local startups with the essential resources and counsel they need to become successful, self-directed businesses. Innovating Creations is a team of passionate, experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors with the best tools and expertise to help you succeed - whether you are just getting started or have some successful companies behind you - we ensure you that we get you connected with the right individuals at the right time to help you through the process of creating your business startup.

We'll help you position your startup idea, and get your first customers within a short period of your launch time. Our bootstrapping process, customer development & services, and product development tools provide you with the proven methods and guidance to create a profit focused high ROI startup. Our on-site marketing agency will offer creative and promotional materials to keep your business in the focus of your customers and keep your brand fresh and up to date with the ever-changing market.

Why Are We In Business?

Our vision is to help individuals and groups of people come together and realize their full potentials and launch a business in order to serve their employees and decrease the unemployment rate in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

We Want Our Ideas To Be Accessible

To do this, we set up our business to operate in three self-supporting ways:

  • Startup Accelerator

    Innovating Creations is a team of leaders, designers, developers & marketers who help companies grow faster and more effectively.

  • Startup Events

    Our startup events explore the overlap of product design, people and business to stir up creativity and inspiration.

  • Startup Jobs

    Our startup jobs focuses on finding people, that are looking to join something exciting, a great career experience & opportunity.

Our Advisory Board

Our Startup Culture Matters

We're a team of passionate and talented people who love what we do. We're good at solving problems, designing interfaces, structuring code, brainstorming marketing programs and writing, but we know it's not enough to build great products, services and websites.

Our culture is what really keeps all bound together. It allows our proven methods, flexible processes and business experiences to thrive and prosper. From our morning coffee stand-ups to our full staff meetings where every idea is welcomed, we put great work in front of everything else. We try to make our work environment frictionless, removing unnecessary politics, pointless meetings and costly overhead that slows us up from creating amazing stuff that most companies can't even fathom.

In order for Innovating Creations to be the world's best startup business accelerator, we know it's our culture that keeps us heading in the right direction and our beliefs that every person has a dream that is just waiting to be awakened.

Start A Startup Career Today

We're hiring awesome folks who have the traits of a lean startup to be part of our team at Innovating Creations and work with some of the most innovative companies in the Triangle.

Innovating Creations Startup Accelerator Program

Startup Testimonial
Realtime Ops

Josh Hines did an amazing job redesigning our website, it is amazing the amount of detail and clarity he has brought to our website. Within the first weekend of launching the new website we had our first lead generated! Amazing stuff!

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